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Made from scratch, with resident participation, meals are a central part of our community.
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Based on the senior food guide pyramid, our nutritional program changes to meet the nutritional requirements of our residents. Equally important, our kitchen staff understands how emotional our relationship to food can be; one of the most distressing aspects of moving to a care facility for many seniors is the fear that their diet will change for the worse.

Here at Tangelo Grove, we not only encourage our residents and their families to participate in the kitchen, we ask that family members help us provide the most satisfying meals possible by contributing family recipes and informing us about favorite foods and dishes. We make our meals from scratch, and always have a plentiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables available. Kosher, vegetarian, low sodium, and other special or therapeutic diets are available upon request.

Meals are shared as a community, and family members are always welcome to share meals with our residents. We are happy to make picnic lunches for residents with special dietary needs who go on outings or medical appointments during meal times, and are always available to serve up a midnight snack.

Tangelo Grove prides itself on the tight-knit community we have nurtured here. This commitment to community extends to our caring and professional staff, many of whom have worked with us since our inception. Our caregivers are licensed and have current fingerprint clearance cards. They maintain First Aid and CPR certifications, participate in a minimum of 12 hours a year of ongoing training on topics that relate to the specific needs of our residents, and they are very much invested in our residents' well-being and committed to supporting self-determination and autonomy within each resident's abilities.

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