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For residents, our trained staff are trusted members of a vital support network.
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Tangelo Grove is licensed by the Arizona State Department of Health Services to provide all three levels of assisted living facility care. Those levels of care are:

1. Supervisory
Staff provides general supervision and stand-by assistance in bathing, dressing and taking medication, and provides intervention if necessary.

2. Personal
Staff provides hands-on assistance with bathing, transfer, dressing, medication administration, eating, and many other activity of daily living.

3. Directed
Staff provides any of the above mentioned services to residents who are incapable of recognizing danger, summoning assistance, or making essential care decisions.

Tangelo Grove wants to ensure that our residents can live out their lives with dignity within our home; we are licensed at all of the above levels to ensure that it will not be necessary for our residents to leave us as they require more intensive care. We nurture our staff so that the people that surround our residents are with them throughout their stay here, and become trusted members of their support network.

At Tangelo Grove, our staff is trained to provide assistance with all of the activities of daily living - dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting, transfer, and mobility. Trained by physical therapists to properly transfer residents and support maximum mobility, staff members develop close, deeply respectful relationships with our residents built on a foundation of both listening closely and providing for residents' safety.

Each room at Tangelo Grove contains several means of communication so that residents can always reach a staff member, and regular room checks ensure that residents are never left without support.

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